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Vision and values


Today our vision remains to grow Wheelchair Tennis into a main stream sport by providing a sustainable sports programme to all areas, regions and communities within South Africa.


To provide a sustainable wheelchair tennis programme for South Africa, serving the youth, adults, and families of our communities.


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  • To provide athletes with physical disabilities an opportunity to participate in sports
  • To provide an opportunity for athletes to be selected, and advance to national and international competitions
  • To enhance the development of wheelchair athletes, coaches, officials and provincial sports programmes
  • To showcase South Africa’s best physically disabled tennis players and expose them to as many opportunities for advancement as possible
  • To provide South African communities with an opportunity to make their communities barrier-free, increase awareness, see “hometown heroes” in action, and leave a legacy
  • To reach out to other groups in the community to embrace and support our disabled athletes.
  • To bring World Class Events to South Africa